Lead consultant and company founder Louise K. Stevens has worked with government agencies, nonprofits and foundations in nearly every state and in Canada. She is author of multiple books, studies and resources, on topics including cultural planning, audience development, program evaluation, and feasibility. She has taught and lectured on cultural planning, arts-focused economic development, arts in education, arts districts and creative place making, and institutional stability.


We built our company with the intentional foundation of our logo, the hexahedron. Plato saw the hexahedron as representative of our built world and of the future. The hexahedron is an essential definer of symmetry in art, design, music, architecture, and applied mathematics and computational modeling. It is the center of architecture, the building block. Closed, it could wall us in. Open, as we use it, it reveals transparency, unifying lines, and seeing things more clearly. In Plato's concept, a hexahedron is well grounded, focused, and structural. To us, that means counsel our clients can count on.


Louise and John Stevens co-founded ArtsMarket to bring the insights of analytics and research to the benefit of arts and cultural organizations and agencies, from science museums and heritage centers to performing arts venues, festivals and schools. From the beginning, we have combined the concept of the market - the public, audiences, participants, donors that exist and that can exist - with diverse arts, as our work consistently strives to bring the two together.
Our approach is solidly analytic; our research is widely known for identifying solutions to building greater support for arts and culture.