ArtsMarket offers a wide range of analysis, assessment, evaluation, and planning services to support your plans for cultural, heritage, parks, tourism and creative development. We work with nonprofits and for-profits and their partners in government, economic development, tourism, philanthropy, education, redevelopment and enterprise.  Whether a start-up planning for a new facility or an international destination expanding programming, a foundation seeking impact evaluation or a public agency developing funding strategies for the sector, we can help you succeed. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services and how ArtsMarket can put our 35 years' of knowledge and expertise to work for you.



Analytics and Strategy for Audience and Fund Development

We're specialists in the analytics required to be successful in marketing and fund development, with decades' experience in demographic and geographic analysis and predictive modeling. Clients ask us to advise them about the current nature of their support base and how to best grow and diversify their base. We assist them from analysis to direct marketing to campaign evaluation - with many clients working with us year after year to continuously expand and strengthen their connection to audiences and donors.



Business and Financial Planning; Cultural Planning; Organizational Strategic Planning

Sound, achievable plans - whether for organizations or a cultural plan for a community or state - grow from thoughtful assessment and analysis of opportunities and needs, a vision of desired outcomes and impacts, deep understanding of current and needed institutional capacity, and measurable, workable strategies. We work with our clients through every step of the planning process, shaping plans both visionary and dynamic.



Work With Experts in All Types of Arts Facilities, Museums, Creative Campus/Mixed Use Developments, Districts

Far more than a pro forma, a good feasibility study examines every facet of your intended venture, each opportunity and risk, and becomes your road map to success. We believe that feasibility studies need to guide the way to economically sustainable facilities that have the physical elements and the supporting business and operating plans required to meet your market opportunities and position your organization and community for excellence.

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Measuring the Impacts and Outcomes of Funding and Programs

Grantmakers and grantees alike need impartial analysis of progress. We believe that evaluation is an integral part of the strategic planning mobius, leading to continuous improvement and advancement. ArtsMarket works closely with government agencies, foundations, schools and education providers, and arts organizations that seek feedback. Our evaluation work ranges from forensic organizational capacity review to statewide surveys of constituents served.